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Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and Seminars

Hi CAPCP Conference Participants. In each of the last four years we have enjoyed a terrific conference at PSU thanks to all of you. However, we are going to take a one year break, so there will be no conference in April/May 2012. Due to some intense scheduling conflicts our colleagues from the Institute for Financial Studies cannot attend this year and we do not want to hold the conference without their participation. Consequently, we decided to postpone the Fifth CAPCP Conference to April/May 2013. We believe that a one year sabbatical will only intensify interest in the conference, and we look forward to your participation. Thanks for your ongoing interest and support.

Past CAPCP Conferences:

2011 Conference on Auctions and Procurements

2010 Conference on Auctions and Procurements

2009 Conference on Auctions and Procurements

2008 Conference on Auctions and Procurements

Funding sources for the CAPCP Conferences: Human Capital Foundation.