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The Center for the Study ofAuctions, Procurements, and Competition Policy

Data and Software

Data and Software


CAPCP, in conjunction with its partner institution, the Institute for Financial Studies in Moscow, and with generous support from the Human Capital Foundation, has as one of its ongoing missions the provision of auction, procurement, and competition policy related data, as well as relevant software, to the research public. If you have any comments or questions please contact the Center’s administrative assistant, Michele Also, please send an email to Michele if you are using data or software for a specific project where you provide a brief description of the nature of the work. If a manuscript is being produced please send a copy to Michele as well.

If you use the data or software in a project please include the following acknowledgment in your work.

“The data/software used in this research was made available by the Center for the Study of Auctions, Procurements, and Competition Policy at Penn State with support from the Human Capital Foundation (”