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Bates White expands its graduate fellowship program and announces research grants for undergraduate students. For more information, please click here.

Introduction to the mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Econometrics by Herman Bierens published by Cambridge University Press in 2004 is becoming a popular graduate textbook for a course in Statistics and Probability and a solid reference for anyone who wants to study the statistical foundations of modern econometrics.

Introduction to the Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Economics cover
  • The Human Capital Foundation has made a substantial gift to the center for 2013/2014 as part of an on going commitment to CAPCP. The funding will be used for an upcoming major conference, graduate students, and conducting research on asymmetric auctions.
  • Vijay Krishna, in collaboration with John Morgan from UC Berkeley, was awarded a three-year grant starting in 2005 by the National Science Foundation on Mechanism Design with Imperfect Commitment.
  • Kerem Cosar,, is Assistant Professor at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago
  • Felix Tintlenot,, is Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at the University of Chicago
  • Isa Hafalir, Carnegie Mellon University, Essays in Microeconomic Theory, advisor: Vijay Krishna.
  • Daniel Xu, New York University, Structural Analysis of Productivity Heterogeneity, Firm Turnover and Industry Dynamics, advisor: Mark Roberts.
  • Edward Green in collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiki and Akira Yamazaki are publishing the paper Incentive-efficient risk sharing in a settlement mechanism in the Journal of Economic Theory.
  • Herman Bierens has a paper accepted for publication at the Journal of Econometrics on the Econometrics Analysis of Linearized Singular Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models.
  • James Jordan has a paper accepted for publication at the Journal of Economic Theory on Pillage and Property.
  • Robert C. Marshall in collaboration with Leslie M. Marx from Duke University has a paper accepted for publication at Journal of Economic Theory on Bidder Collusion.

Auction Theory by Vijay Krishna published by the Academic Press in 2002 is now a popular graduate textbook for courses in Microeconomics, Game theory and Auctions and a reference for anyone who wants to explore issues on auctions. A second edition in under preparation.

Auction Theory title