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Policy Comments

Policy Comments


Faculty members and scientific affiliates of CAPCP are invited to post comments regarding any aspect of public policy that falls within the broad domain of relevancy for CAPCP. The “Policy Comments” contained in this Section are solely attributable to the authors and do not in any way reflect the views or opinions of CAPCP, the Department of Economics, the College of the Liberal Arts, or Penn State University. Even though authors are expected to offer comments only from their perspective as research economists, authors are required to provide a “public disclosure” of any affiliations and/or funding that could be viewed as potentially related to the opinion being offered. For example, Professor Robert C. Marshall, who is co-Director of CAPCP, would be required to disclose that he is a partner in the economics consulting firm, Bates White LLC, whenever offering academic comments on any aspect of competition policy. Authors are required to specify, “none” as a “public disclosure”, if they have no affiliations and/or funding potentially relevant, as viewed by any reasonable third party, to the comment being offered.


Horizontal Merger Guidelines: comment by Robert C. Marshall & Leslie M. Marx


Justice Department and USDA Public Workshops to Explore Competition Issues in the Agriculture Industry: comment by Robert C. Marshall & Leslie M. Marx



Horizontal Merger Guidelines, Revisions (released 4/20/2010): comment by Robert C. Marshall & Leslie M. Marx