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Robert C. Marshall

Robert C. Marshall


Distinguished Professor
Partner, Bates White LLC.


Collusion and Cartels, Auctions, Procurements

Selected Publications:

Book Published

The Economics of Collusion: Cartels and Bidding Rings (with Leslie M. Marx), The MIT Press, 2012.

Book Reviews:

William E. Kovacic, Professor of Law at The George Washington University - review and Dr. Kovacic's review in The Antitrust Source,December 2012 - review

Caron Beaton-Wells, Associate Professor at Melbourne Law School - review

William E. Kovacic, review in The Antitrust Source, December 2012 - review

John J. Siegfried of Vanderbilt University and University of Adelaide, review in The Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. L, December 2012 - review

Don Klawiter, Competition Law International, April 2013, Vol 9. No. 1 - review

John Asker, The Economics of Collusion: Cartels and Bidding Rings, Robert C. MARSHALL et Leslie M. MARX, Concurrences N° 2-2013, art. N° 52089, p. 224- review

Link for excerpt from book published in the August/September edition of The European Financial Review.

Unpublished Working Papers:

1. “Bidder Collusion: Accounting for All Feasible Bidders”, (with Jean-Francois Richard and Chaohai Shen), September 2019. (See also separate data processing appendix).

Selected Papers:

1. “Plus Factors and Agreement in Antitrust Law”, (with William E. Kovacic, Leslie M. Marx, and Halbert L. White), 2011, Michigan Law Review, vol. 110 No. 3. P. 393-436. Recipient of the tenth annual Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Fund Writing Award, to be presented at the thirteenth annual conference of the American Antitrust Institute at the National Press Club on June 21, 2012. Photo from the 13th Annual Conference held June 21, 2012.

2. “The Vulnerability of Auctions to Bidder Collusion,” with Leslie M. Marx, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2009, 124(2), 883-910.

3. “Cartel Price Announcements: The Vitamins Industry,” with Leslie M. Marx and Matthew E. Raiff, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2008, 26(3), 762-802. Winner of the The Paul Geroski Best Paper Award 2009.

4. "Bidder Collusion," with Leslie M. Marx, Journal of Economic Theory, 2007, 133, 374-402.

5. "Bidder Collusion at Forest Service Timber Auctions," with L. Baldwin & J.F. Richard, Journal of Political Economy, 1997, 105, 657-699.

6. "Numerical Analysis of Asymmetric First Price Auctions," with M. Meurer, J.F. Richard & W.Stromquist, Games and Economic Behavior, 1994, 7, 193-220.

7. "Differential Payments within a Bidder Coalition and the Shapley Value," with D. Graham & J. F. Richard, American Economic Review, 1990, 80, 493-510.

8. "Collusive Bidder Behavior at Single Object Second price and English Auctions," with D. Graham, Journal of Political Economy, 1987, 95, 1217-1239.